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Don't Just Shop Locally, Shop With Your Church Family!

This is How and Why we started...

At Church Family Biz, LLC we are focused on providing small business owners with an easy way to market their businesses to their church and local community.  Our founders are small business owners themselves and have spent years working together to find affordable ways to advertise and promote each other's businesses. We know how frustrating and overwhelming marketing in the internet can be!

We know small business!  We know that your church family wants to support their members, but they need a way to find and contact them.

We want to provide an easy way for your church family to access your business information online, 24 hours a day so your business can get found.  Parish members want to turn to their church family when they need to use local products and services; unfortunately, we don't know who does what! We aren't used to marketing to our church family, we don't want to take advantage of those relationships, but as a consumer, who can you trust more than the people you go to church with that live in your local community? 

Meet the Founders - Our Story

Nancy Williamson, CBA, Co-Founder

Nancy is a certified business adviser and a small business owner;  she understands the challenges of advertising a small business and reaching your target market, especially on the internet. 

Nancy owns Carolina Web Design Services, LLC and teaches non-profit organizations and small business owners how to edit and maintain their own websites, how to organically increase their ranking on search engines, and which social media sites are best for each business. Cyberspace can be tricky and overwhelming, so her specialty is helping small business owners get started.

If you go to Our Lady of the Lake, you have seen Nancy helping the youth earn money for the Youth Ministry Program.  She has organized the Silent Auctions and has helped raise over $10,000 to support the youth programs over the last few years.   Nancy is also a member of the OLL Women's Club and likes to participate in the Parish Yard Sale, Fall Festival, and other ministries as needed.  Currently Nancy and her husband Bob are organizing OLL's Social Club. 

Daniel DeWine, Co-Founder

Daniel has been in business for over ten years, so he knows how hard it is for small businesses to find affordable ways to advertise their business to their local market. 

Daniel owns Bomb Island Auto Glass, a mobile auto glass replacement company that comes to your work or home to fix your auto glass.  Daniel and Nancy often discuss ways to help each other's business and have been promoting each other for years. They have found that their businesses do better when they help promote each other. 

Daniel is a member of the OLL Men's Club and his son Christopher also attends the mens club meetings and is probably the youngest member they've ever had.   

Daniel had looked into advertising in OLL's weekly bulletin, but the cost of the ads are very high and cost prohibitive.   Most of the companies on the ad page are National and even International companies, with deep pockets and large marketing budgets. 

Our Story

The idea for this business hit home with Daniel when he was talking to a church member that he had known for years about his small business.  That church member had no idea that Daniel owned a mobile auto glass company.  Daniel and Nancy had been working together to develop a directory for their own church's small businesses, but Daniel felt that every church should have a program like this to help support their small business owners.  Nancy is a web designer and business consultant; she felt like this was something they could certainly accomplish together.  Both Daniel and Nancy are members of the same church, and they have been family friends for many years; their children met in Sunday school in kindergarten, made their First Communion together and now they are preparing for Confirmation.  Nancy's husband Bob teaches Sunday school in the church's youth program.  Over the years, Nancy and Daniel have often talked about ways to help small businesses at church and ways to help the youth program that their children are involved in. Daniel's son Christopher and Nancy's children, Bobby, Maggie, & Michael, have inspired them to look for ways to help financially contribute to the youth program at their church.  It is their goal to contribute to each church's youth program in hopes to inspire the children and give them more opportunities to strengthen their faith. 

"As our business launched, our business model changed.  We have dissolved the business, but not the friendship!"    Daniel continues to grow his mobile glass business in and around Chapin and Columbia while Nancy has changed her web design business to focus on non-profit organizations.  This left little time for Church Family Biz, so Nancy is now using this platform to focus on helping the members of her local church, Our Lady of the Lake, and local community churches in and around Chapin, SC.  Please follow Church Family Biz on Facebook and use our local registries to help connect with local small business owners that you can depend on - your church family!