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Which Social Media platform is best for small businesses?

Posted on September 25, 2015 at 11:15 AM

How do I use Social Media for my small business?  Where do I start? 

Small business owners wear many hats – worker bee, manager, book keeper, sales, webmaster and now social media expert. The average small business owner uses about 18 apps to run their business. Not all of these apps are social media apps, thank goodness, but many are. Clients ask me all the time, which ones do I use and how often should I post? Well, the answer to that is, it depends. Social Media platforms are awesome. They are free and they can really help get the word out about your business so I tell my clients to use every platform that your customers are using. So what is your customer using? Find out who your target market is; think of your typical customer, the ones that are easiest to work with that you make the most profit on, and that is your target market.

Ok, now that you have that perfect client/customer in mind, think about how they found you and what they do. You can always ask them too – hey do you use twitter? And if tweeting gives you hives, no worries, connect it to your FB business page and it will automagically update when you post there. I use Facebook as an example because 1 – it isn’t going anywhere and 2 – the majority of my clients are already on Facebook. And when I say majority, I really mean 499 out of 500. That is literally my ratio. And typically once my clients find out how easy FB business pages are to use, the ones that aren’t on it will give it a try. Then a few days later I will get a friend request.

So, if I have to choose a favorite, I’m going to say hands down Facebook. Let’s face it, your friends and family love you and want your business to succeed. If you ask them to LIKE and Share your page, odds are they will happily and enthusiastically do so.

So for social reasons, I say that Facebook is my favorite. For other reasons, I love google business pages – particularly because it can help with your SEO.

And then there is the gram… Instagram. Instagram allows you to post photos and group photos, and send them out – perfect for retailers. Pinterest – a caterers dream, and then there is Linked In, a grown up’s business version of Facebook. I have created a graphic chart to help you understand which social media platform does what.

Also, keep age in mind. Millennials (age 15-33) primarily use Twitter and Instagram, especially the younger half. They still have their Facebook pages open though, because grandma will never tweet but wants them to keep in touch.

Keep in mind – these accounts are all FREE! You can also use programs like Hootsuite to manage your posting and save time. If you are a data cruncher, you will love the analytics and tracking. Try all you can and see what is best for you. I do NOT recommend that you jump into all of them. You will be overwhelmed and probably end up not posting on anything. Just pick a few and keep them updated. My choice would be FB, Twitter and Google plus. Also, keep in mind that people are hanging out on these places to be social, so don’t always try to push your products and services on them. Give them something of value; tips that may make the want to come back to you. If you have writer’s block, just Google “tips for xyz” childcare, retail, baking, gardening, home improvement… you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – just use what you find and give the author credit. Funny pictures are a must.


I could go on… but I know you are busy and don’t have time! Please comment and let me know what your favorite social media platform is and what business apps work great for you. We can help each other!


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